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Java - Waterproof

Our Java shutters are manufactured from a high grade ABS (a hard, lightweight plastic) making them 100% waterproof and therefore ideally suited to rooms that have condensation or humidity issues such as bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, wet rooms and swimming pools that standard wood or MDF shutters would not stand up to. ABS is a superior and more robust shutter to alternative vinyl shutters and can be easily moulded which means that, unlike vinyl shutters, the profiles of the frames are far more refined which gives a higher quality look and finish to the shutter. Indeed, to the naked eye, it’s hard to tell the shutters are made of a plastic material due to the high quality materials used.

Our Java shutters are tough and durable manufactured in ABS making it particularly suitable for high traffic flow areas and because its our only 100% Water resistant material, bathrooms and toilets. ABS can be wiped clean easily and is often used in children’s rooms where high levels of cleanliness are required.

Java shutters are available in 6 popular waterproof paint colours which help protect the shutter from moisture and give a high quality finish to the shutters. Because of the waterproof nature of the product, our Java shutters are not available in the stain options.

Due to the hardwearing materials used in our Java shutters, they are very tough and durable making them perfect for high traffic areas that people may come into contact with the shutters in including family homes and children’s bedrooms. The hard plastic helps prevent small dents and damage occurring from contact with the shutters which is something that softer woods are not suited to doing.

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Java shutters are available in a large number of panel and louvre sizes from the ever popular 47mm up to the largest 114mm louvre. The larger louvre sizes and panels are more ideal and effective for covering large expanses such as swimming pools and home gyms and let more light into the room than smaller louvres and panels. It’s worth noting that just like all of our plantation shutters, our Java shutter panels can be opened up to allow easy access to open windows and are great at providing privacy and ventilation at the same time.

Because of its waterproof nature, ABS can be wiped clean easily and therefore is ideal for rooms where high levels of cleanliness are required. Our Java shutters are also beneficial for dust allergy suffers because of how easy it is to wipe away dust as opposed to curtains needing washing
to do the same.



    Material ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
    Paint Colours 6
    Stain Colours No
    Louvre Sizes 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm
    Water Resistant Yes
    Solid Panels Available No
    Special Shapes Yes
    Custom Bay Post Angles Yes
    Style Type Beaded
    Fixed Louvres Yes


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