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Bermuda shutters are available in wide range of louvre sizes to suit your requirements and personal preference. Due to the louvres being manufactured from ABS plastic, the panel weight of the shutter is reduced which means single panels can be much wider than our entry-level shutters. As this high quality plastic is more cost efficient than real hardwood, it allows us to provide customers with high quality shutter for less than our entry-level hardwood Cuba Shutters. The finish of our Bermuda shutters is high and most people can’t tell the louvres are plastic.

Bermuda is a painted MDF which provides the shutter with a more natural finish than the standard Antigua product and more closely resembles the finish of a hardwood shutter. Hardwearing: Bermuda is still coated in a polypropylene sleeve which is very hardwearing but is now also paintable allowing S:CRAFT to offer a far wider range of painted colours. As Bermuda is manufactured utilising the polypropylene sleeve it is protected from changes in ambient temperature and this reduces the risk of in situ moisture changes.

Choosing the right colour plantation shutters to suit your home décor is important and our Bermuda shutters are available in 28 contemporary colours and 9 optional hinge colours to provide customers with an excellent array of options to choose from in order to match customer’s individual style and taste.

Bermuda is coated in a paintable polypropylene sleeve which is incredibly hardwearing and therefore ideal for high traffic areas in the home. It also helps protect the shutter from changes in ambient temperature which helps reduce the likelihood of in-situ moisture changes and the risk of warping
and twisting.

Our Bermuda shutters come in a range of shutter styles including our most popular styles of full height, tier-on-tier, café style, and tracked shutters. Curved special shapes are not available in Bermuda, but angled shapes including octagon, hexagon and triangle are all possible.

Bermuda shutters are available in 30 different frame styles providing outstanding flexibility with a frame to suit every application including numerous bay window shutters angles. Your S:CRAFT shutter stockist will be able to advise of the best frame to suit your windows.

With a large number of styles, colours and options to choose from, our Bermuda shutters offer excellent value for money. Due to the materials the shutters are made from, you’ll find our Bermuda shutters durable and hardwearing whilst looking beautiful in your home.

Material MDF With ABS Lourves
Paint Colours 28
Stain Colours No
Louvre Sizes 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm, 114mm
Water Resistant No
Solid Panels Available No
Special Shapes Yes
Custom Bay Post Angles Yes
Style Type Beaded
Fixed Louvres Yes



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